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Big Iron:
Iron Kingdoms Chronicles

The Fall of Llael Book Two

C. A. Suleiman

320 pp • ISBN 978-1-61614-775-4
Paperback • $18.00
July 2013
Cover Illustration © Jon Sullivan


The first novels based upon the award-winning WARMACHINE® steam-powered fantasy wargame and the world of the Iron Kingdoms™ Role Playing Game! Action-packed steam-tech fantasy novels that combine elements of epic wartime adventure with thrilling cloak-and-dagger espionage

The Iron Kingdoms are at war. On the same day that Cygnar declares war on Khador, two dangerous, off-the-books operations launch themselves behind enemy lines: one of a highly personal (and royally unsanctioned) nature; the other launched to stop the first by any means necessary. While hot war rages in Llael, these forces collide in no-man's-lands far removed from the front.

A junior marksman with the feared Widowmaker corps, a nineteen-year- old Khadoran woman named Irina is caught up in these events when the integrity of her own mission collapses. Trapped alone, deep in hostile territory, Irina must rely on her courage, her training, and her wits to navigate both the perils of the wild and the malice of her enemies, while still desperate to accomplish her own mission in the process.

If she can survive at all.


Iron Kingdoms, WARMACHINE®, Privateer Press, and all related content © [2013] and/or ™ Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used under license.


C. A. Suleiman

C. A. Suleiman has contributed scores of books to the hobby games
industry's top properties, including Dungeons & Dragons and the
World of Darkness. He is the developer for White Wolf's Mummy line, the creator of the Hamunaptra setting, and the coauthor of Vampire:
The Requiem. Suleiman lives in the Washington, DC, area, where his
band (Toll Carom) is busy toiling away at its latest concept album.

Visit him at

Photo © Greg Whitesell