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Black Halo

The Aeons' Gate Book 2

Sam Sykes

547 pp • ISBN: 978-1-61614-355-8
Trade Paperback (6" x 9") • $17
March 2011
Cover Illustration: © Paul Young


...and the gates of hell remain closed. Lenk and his five companions set sail to bring the accursed relic away from the demonic reach of Ulbecetonth, the Kraken Queen. But after weeks at sea, tensions amidst the adventurers are rising. Their troubles are only beginning when their ship crashes upon an island made of the bones left behind from a war long dead.

And it appears that bloodthirsty alien warrior women, fanatical beasts from the deep, and heretic-hunting wizards are the least of their concerns. Haunted by their pasts, plagued by their gods, tormented by their own people, and gripped by madness personal and peculiar, their greatest foes may yet be themselves.

The reach of Ulbecetonth is longer than hell can hold.


"Wildly descriptive slaughter-fest with a surprising pathos."
— Stephen Deas

"Holy freaking bottle rockets, people! This book ROCKS!"
Elitist Book Reviews praising
Tome of the Undergates (Aeons' Gate Book 1) by Sam Sykes

"It is very well written, rich in character and detail and cannot under any circumstances be considered dull… jump in from the beginning and consume the first two books of the Aeons' Gate series."
— Astro Guyz

Sam Sykes

Sam Sykes is the author of the acclaimed Tome of the Undergates, a vast and sprawling story of adventure, demons, madness and carnage. He lives in Arizona with two hounds in a small, drab apartment and has eaten at least one of every animal on earth.

You can visit his website at