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Volume II of the
Jump 225 Trilogy

David Louis Edelman

526pp • ISBN: 978-1-59102-647-1
Trade Paperback (6" x 9") • $17
July 2008
Cover Illustration © Stephan Martiniere



Natch has just won his first battle with the Defense and Wellness Council for control of MultiReal technology. But now the Council has unleashed the ruthless cunning of Lieutenant Executive Magan Kai Lee. Lee decides that if Natch's company can't be destroyed from without, it must be destroyed from within.

As black code continues to eat away at Natch's sanity, he faces a mutiny from his own apprentices, a legal onslaught from the government, and the return of enemies old and new. In desperation, the entrepreneur turns to some unlikely allies: a radical politician with an agenda of his own, and a childhood enemy to whom he has done a terrible wrong.

Natch's struggle will take him from the halls of power in Melbourne to the ruined cities of the diss. Hanging in the balance is the fate of MultiReal, a technology that could end the tyranny of the Council forever—or give the Council the ultimate weapon of oppression.


"This novel begs to be considered as a piece of science fiction and as a political screed. As SF, it's a brilliant imagining of a near-future that not only extrapolates convincingly from current technology and culture but fills in the gaps with world-building so detailed as to verge on the tedious… Others have imagined a future in which nano-machines have colonized the human body, and indeed every other nook and cranny of the physical world, in order to extend the human sensorium, effect repairs and improvements to animate and inanimate infrastructure, and blur the line between the real and the virtual, but few have done so as convincingly as Edelman does in these books. His portrayal of that world is richly evocative....Others have also focused on the business side of SF…but I've never encountered an SF writer whose focus is so relentlessly on the nuts and bolts of the entrepreneurial world, from the boardroom to the factory to the sales office, and who—pontification aside—can make the minutiae of that world seem as exciting and dangerous as a military operation…. As cliffhangers go, the novel ends on a doozy sure to leave readers wishing for their own MultiReal programs, just to run through all the iterations of how the saga could turn out."

"It's a story of ideas....An entertaining read that explores some startling implications of biological programming, and sets the scene nicely for volume three."

"A sly variation on the traditional cyberpunk novel, Edelman's sequel to 2006's Infoquake views a stunning new technology through the eyes of the cutthroat executives vying to market it. MultiReal, a reality-altering tool combining biological programming and quantum physics, threatens to plunge a far-future world into chaos, but before it can penetrate the furthest reaches of society, Natch, an entrepreneur and rebel, must find a way to market and distribute it. He faces tremendous resistance from legislative bodies, competing business concerns and the ominous black code embedded in the mechanisms that enhance his body. Edelman brings fresh air to the technological thriller....MultiReal itself is firmly established as one of the most fascinating singularity technologies in years, and the inconclusive feel of this installment will build anticipation for the third Jump 225 book."
—Publishers Weekly

MultiReal, the reader is swept right to the eye of the hurricane....MultiReal ends in a clever cliffhanger, making the reader crave for the third and last book.… Infoquake and MultiReal are very refreshing novels.… In Infoquake and MultiReal, Edelman has strived for a well-thought, really thorough examination of politics and society of the universe he created. A good writer can do no less when setting out to do something in that level."
—Post-Weird Thoughts blog

"Anyone who enjoys watching a rising new star develop will be rewarded. If you want to see the future of where the SF novel is going, pick up this series."
—Ray Gun Revival

"If you have read the first volume, you will want to get MultiReal today and continue the exploration of this dark, complex and fascinating work."
—Fast Forward TV

"Infoquake was a smashing scifi debut, but Edelman came up with a tighter novel with its sequel, MultiReal. Can't wait to read the final volume of this trilogy!"
—Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

"…continues the fascinating look at the future possibilities of nano-technical
human bio-logics."

—Speculative Fiction Reviews/The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

"It spoke to me about my life like no other author does. As much as I loved Infoquake, Multireal is better. It's The West Wing, in the world of big business, in the future, all last second deals and human emotion finding desperate chances and tense negotiations, but this time with added sex and violence….this book soars mightily, and presents me with terms I find myself mentally using in everyday life (the fiefcorp of Pyr Books, the memecorp of the BBC), and situations redolent of it. The bar and the panels and the awards map onto the fingernail biting world of freelancing in the future…. I still believe that this world, almost uniquely in modern SF, isn't just a commentary on the modern scene, but might also come to pass. David has thought about who empties the bins. And his singularity came and went and those bins still needed to be emptied. Most wonderfully, two big set piece speeches in the middle of the book, which sum up its themes of governmentalism vs. libertarian capital, dissolve into the most brilliant sh*t-flinging gunfight and escape, and one can hear David laughing, shouting 'yeah, you can have both!'….I'm saying not just Campbell next year, but come on, let's say it out loud, Best Novel."
—Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness (

"…excel[s] [in]…exploring the economics and political powers behind new
technologies, their development and routes to market and the social and moral implications of such advancements."

—Death Ray Magazine

"David Louis Edelman's vision of the future is so alive and full of energy the
pages are practically buzzing. Wonderfully intricate with smart, satisfying
complexity, Infoquake and its sequel MultiReal serve up a world where mindbending technologies promise a freedom nearly as endless as the Machiavellian ambitions of those who would control them."

—Nick Sagan, author of Idlewild, Edenborn and Everfree

"A thoroughly-successful hybrid of Neuromancer and Wall Street, MultiReal is the kind of thought-experiment we need more of around here: rigorously backgrounded, tightly plotted, and built around one of the most intriguing neurotech conceits I've encountered in years. William Gibson once observed that the street finds its own uses for things. David Louis Edelman reminds us that both boardroom and back room do as well—and the people who lurk in those places are a lot scarier."
—Peter Watts, Hugo Award-nominated author of Blindsight

"Just when we thought cyberpunk was dead, David Louis Edelman bursts on the scene with defibrillator paddles and shouts, 'Clear!' If there's any web more tangled than the World Wide one, it's the Byzantine networks of high finance; Edelman intermeshes them in a complex, compelling series. This DOES compute!"
—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids


Praise for Infoquake: Volume I of the Jump 225 Trilogy

"Brilliantly blending the cutthroat intrigues of the high-tech business world with revolutionary world building, Edelman could quite possibly be the love child of Donald Trump and Vernor Vinge. Infoquake is one of the most impressive science fiction debuts to come along in years — highly recommended."
—Barnes & Noble Explorations

"[T]he genre might not be quite the same after this book ... a stunning debut novel by a lucid, precise, and talented new voice in the genre.... With an already impressive list of authors in their stable, Pyr looks to have nabbed one of, if not, the next big thing in Science Fiction. This may be THE science fiction book of the year."

"Slick high-finance melodrama and dizzying technical speculation lift Edelman's SF debut, the first of a trilogy....Bursting with invention and panache, this novel will hook readers for the story's next installment."
—Publishers Weekly

David Louis Edelman

David Louis Edelman is the author of the highly acclaimed Infoquake. A Web designer, programmer, and journalist, Mr. Edelman has programmed Web sites for the U.S. Army and the FBI, taught software to the U.S. Congress and the World Bank, written articles for the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, and directed the marketing departments of biometric and e-commerce companies. He lives with his wife, Victoria, in Washington, DC. Visit David Edelman's Web site at:

Photograph: © Victoria Blakeway Edelman