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The Grudgebearer Trilogy
Book Three

J.F. Lewis

400 pp • ISBN 978-1-63388-185-3
Paperback • $18.00
February 2017



Uled, the originator of the carnivorous Aern, the plantlike Vael, and the reptilian Zaur, has completed his plan to return from the dead, unleashing an army of undead creatures on the living world. 

Prince Rivvek has achieved peace between his people and the Aern, but at the cost of his capital city and the departure of a large portion of his military on a suicide mission to attempt the rescue of the Lost Command, a group of one thousand Armored Aern who carried their assault into the Never Dark as a gambit to help win the last Demon War. The goal is to gain the forgiveness of the Aern and to be accepted as something other than Oathbreakers by Rae’en, the leader of the Aern and daughter of Kholster.

Kholster, who only recently became the god of death, must work together with other new deities to bring balance to the heavens and stop Uled. Can he prevent Uled’s undead army from ravaging the world in time to save Rae’en and those he still loves in the mortal realm?


“A thoroughly unique world that left me marveling at the intricate layers. The veritable opposite of a ‘light novel’—something worth sinking your teeth into, even if you have bone-steel dentures.”
—M. C. Planck, author of the World of Prime series

“Outstanding…one of the most uniquely layered and complex universes since Frank Herbert’s Dune.”Starburst Magazine (reviewing Oathkeeper)

Oathkeeper diverges from the normal middle child syndrome that many second books in trilogies suffer. In fact, this book goes balls to the wall and doesn’t let up much.”Kobold Press

“Slavery and the abuse of power is a prominent theme in the novel, as well as hatred and forgiveness. Lewis gives no easy answers; innocent bystanders are still guilty for not standing up for what they knew to be right, but unforgiving hatred, even by a wronged party, is also questioned and judged. His analysis is intelligent and balanced, and it doesn’t muddle the narrative or get in the way of the fun.”
Portland Book Review


“Many refreshingly strong and complex female characters in this nuanced fantasy epic…which features a particularly interesting and thoughtful exploration of slavery”Publishers Weekly 

Grudgebearer is a layered and complex story with multifaceted characters that is perfect when you want to immerse yourself in a whole new world and its rich history.”Draumr Kopa Fantasy Book Blog

J.F. Lewis is the author of The Grudgebearer Trilogy and The Void City series. Jeremy is an internationally published author. After dark, he can usually be found typing into the wee hours of the morning while his wife, kids, and dog sleep soundly. Track him down at