Into the Wilderness

Blood of the Lamb Book Two

Mandy Hager

300 pp • ISBN 978-1-61614-863-8
Hardcover • $17.99
January 2014

Award-caliber social science fiction with a strong message about race and the abuse of religious faith by those in power.


Book Two of the Blood of The Lamb Trilogy opens as Maryam, Ruth, and Joseph have fled Onewere, reluctantly taking Joseph's troublesome cousin, Lazarus, as well. They arrive at their destination, Marawa Island, filled with hope for rescue and reprieve. But at first glance the island appears to be solely populated by birds. Perhaps the Apostles' dire warnings about the fall-out of the Tribulation were true after all?

As Maryam and Joseph experience all the topsy-turvy misunderstandings and sexual tension first love entails, the antagonism between Maryam and Lazarus reaches explosive proportions. But when disaster brings the crushing realization that time is now against them, all four must decide just who they can risk turning to for help.


This trilogy opener will be just the thing for those readers still hungry for dystopias."
Kirkus Reviews

"Like 1984 for teenagers-direct, passionate, and powerful."
Margaret Mahy, New Zealand's foremost children's writer

"A postapocalyptic thriller of such force and originality that it
deserves a much wider audience."
Booktopia SF & Fantasy September Buzz