The Hounds of Avalon

Mark Chadbourn

480 pp • ISBN: 978-1-61614-203-2
Trade Paperback • $17
July 2010
Cover Illustration: ©John Picacio

After the Age of Misrule comes the Dark Age!

The Hounds of Avalon are coming....

For these are the twilight days, when eternal winter falls and the gods destroy themselves in civil war ... when an invasion force of ghastly power threatens to eradicate all life.

Humanity's last chance lies with two friends, as different as night and day, but bound together by an awesome destiny.

Hunter: a warrior, a rake, an assassin; Hal: a lowly records clerk in a Government office. They must pierce a mystery surrounding the myths of King Arthur to find the dreaming hero who will ride out of the mists of legend to save the world.
But time is running out, for when the Hounds of Avalon appear, all hope is lost....


"The sense of magic and wonder is back, thanks to an interesting, ensemble cast, up to their necks in an inventive, never less than entertaining plot. Elements weave and interweave, providing a fast-paced adventure both in and out of this world."
—SF Site

"This is a series that pushes your expectations, challenges your intelligence, and keeps you coming back for more."
—SF Site