Three Laws Lethal


Three Laws Lethal

David Walton

Thief's Covenant

David Walton

392 pp • ISBN: 978-1-63388-560-8
Hardcover ("6 x 9") • $16.95
June 2019

The place, New York City; the time, the very near future. The streets of Gotham are swarming with self-driving cars, which are now a reality, and the competition between two entrepreneurs for this cutthroat futuristic business grows increasingly fierce. But when the escalating technological warfare produces superintelligent AI computers that use data to decide who should live and die, the results are explosive . . . and deadly.

It is left to young Naomi Sumner, inventor of the virtual world in which the AIs train, to recognize that the supercomputers are developing goals of their own—goals for which they are willing to kill. But can she stop these inhuman machines before it is too late? More importantly, will she stop them?

Three Laws Lethal takes the reader on a wild ride in a world that is still imaginary . . . for now . . .


Featured on Wall Street Journal's list of the Best Science Fiction of 2019

“Mr. Walton keeps the provocations coming, along with courtroom drama, human jealousy and a murder mystery. Three Laws Lethal shows sci-fi evolving, just as dramatically as the A.I.-driven Mikes.”
—Wall Street Journal

"With Three Laws Lethal, [WaIton] knows how to build a world where all of his ideas can live."
—Locus Magazine

"Suppose autonomous vehicles are popular. Then what comes next? And what after that? David Walton's Three Laws Lethal gives the reader exciting insights into the threats and the promises that are coming our way."
—Vernor Vinge, multiple Hugo award-winning author of A Deepness in the Sky

"Three Laws Lethal jumps off Asimov, Heinlein, and the best of Robert J. Sawyer, in a brilliant, breathtaking novel we the Uber generation have been awaiting. Flat-out superb."
—Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates

"David Walton has done an absolutely outstanding job of extrapolating the intersection of self-driving cars, Uber/Lyft, entrepreneurial spirit, apps, and cloud computing to create a fascinating world that is familiar enough, real enough, that you could step right in... Recommended for those who like character-driven science fiction, hard science fiction, fans of Asimov's Robot series, and anyone who has ever used a car sharing app."
—Future SF