M. D. Lachlan

448 pp • ISBN: 978-1-61614-527-9
Trade Paperback • $17
October 2011
Cover Illustration: © Paul Young

The Vikings are laying siege to Paris. As the houses on the banks of the Seine burn, a debate rages in the Cathedral on the walled island of the city proper. The situation is hopeless. The Vikings want the Count’s sister, and in return they will spare the rest of the city. Can the Count really have ambitions to be Emperor of the Franks if he doesn’t do everything he can to save his people? Can he call himself a man if he doesn’t do everything he can to save his sister? His conscience demands one thing, the state demands another.

The Count and the church are relying on the living saint, the blind and crippled Jehan of St. Germain, to enlist the aid of God and resolve the situation for them. But the Vikings have their own gods. And outside their camp a terrifying brother and sister, priests of Odin, have their own agenda—an agenda of darkness and madness. And in the shadows a wolfman lurks.

M. D. Lachlan’s stunning epic of mad Gods, Vikings, and the myth of Fenrir, the wolf destined to kill Odin at Ragnarok, powers forward into new territories of bloody horror, unlikely heroism, dangerous religion, and breathtaking action.


Praise for Wolfsangel:

"Savage, dark, strange, and unpredictable. Recommended."
—Joe Abercrombie,
Author of The First Law trilogy

"A unique take on the werewolf mythos, on the Norse pantheon, and on magic itself. An enthralling, mesmerizing book."
—Mike Carey

"Sorcery and savagery fuel this rousing historical fantasy, the first
volume in a planned multivolume epic. . . . Vivid in its rendering of the
primitive historical past, this entertaining adventure will have readers
eagerly anticipating the next book in the series."
—Publishers Weekly

"Lachlan is a gifted author and one who clearly loves his chosen subject and historical setting, which makes this novel a must-read for fans of dark fantasy tinged with atmospheric horror elements. . . . [His] writing has a certain quality that sucks you in and draws you on through the story. . . . From raids to single combat, the author really puts the reader into the heart of the action; it is close, brutal, and often highly personal. Certainly, Wolfsangel contains some of the best, most realistic fight scenes I've read in a while. . . . Wolfsangel is a highly recommended historical fantasy. . . . If you give it a try, you will be rewarded for doing so.
Dark, atmospheric, original. . . . This is a great read."
—Civilian Reader blog