Stalking the Dragon

A Fable of Tonight A John Justin Mallory Mystery

Mike Resnick

296pp • ISBN: 978-1-59102-745-4
Trade Paperback (6" x 9") • $17.00
August 2009
Cover Illustration: ©David Palumbo

It’s Valentine's Day and private detective John Justin Mallory is planning on closing up the office early and taking his partner, Col. Winnifred Carruthers, out to dinner, since he's sure no one else will do so. But before he can turn off the lights and lock the door, a panic-stricken Buffalo Bill Brody visits them. It seems that the Eastminster pet show is being held the next day, and his dragon, Fluffy, the heavy favorite, has been kidnapped.

Mallory's nocturnal hunt for the miniature dragon takes him to some of the stranger sections of this Manhattan—Greenwitch Village (which is right around the corner from Greenwich Village and is populated by witches and covens); a wax museum where figures of Humphrey Bogart, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre come alive; Gracie Mansion (which is haunted by the ghosts of former mayors); and the Bureau of Missing Creatures, a movie set where they're filming a PBS documentary on zombies and various other denizens of the Manhattan night. As Mallory follows the leads and hunts for clues, he comes up against one dead end after another.

Along the way he meets a few old friends and enemies, and a host of strange new inhabitants of this otherworldly Manhattan. Aided by a strange goblin named Jeeves, Mallory has only one night to find a tiny dragon that's hidden somewhere in a city of seven million.


"These books are so much fun, the reader just whips right through them. This one is no different... A reader can tell that Resnick has so much fun with these stories. There's a healthy helping of double entendre, puns, misunderstanding and other literary devices that contributes to the story's smile factor. The sidekicks are fodder for some very funny sarcasm, and the other Manhattan just offers more fuel to the fire. Resnick also works in his own life experience. Winnifred is a reflection of a passion for Africa, and Resnick and his wife Carol bred and showed champion collies for a period of time as well, as reflected by the tongue-in-cheek details of the Eastminster show. In sum, if you're looking for a quick, fun read, settle in with Stalking the Dragon or any Fable of Tonight."

"This is a fun, light book full of groan-inducing puns and slapstick humor that would have been perfect for reading by the pool had I gotten my hands on it over the summer and can now be recommended to readers for chasing away the upcoming winter blahs ... I have no hesitation of recommending."

"This delightful series seems to get better with every new tale, its bright wit, eclectic collection of characters and strange twists make each one a treat. Don't miss the recipe for Elephant-Shaped Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies that calls for, what else but an elephant and goes into a number of ways to shrink one. While a worthy story on its own, newcomers to Resnick's offbeat take on paranormal mystery might as well get Stalking the Vampire andStalking the Unicorn because once you get hooked, you'll want more."
—Monsters and Critics

“Readers with a taste for supernatural whimsy will find much to enjoy here….The crisp dialogue and imaginative setting will have many fantasy readers wanting to revisit Manhattan’s magical side.”
—Publishers Weekly

"With a witty perspective on many aspects of city life, anyone who enjoys
fantasy adventures in a more or less familiar urban setting will
laugh their way through this wild entertainment."

“[It] is a noir mélange with a strong dose of humor. Some of the humor is sly, some is not. A lot is tongue in cheek, and it is all a delight, with an extra bit of pleasure from the touch of Damon Runyon….Oh, and there’s a samurai goblin. Stalking the Dragon is fun from beginning to end. Pick up the other two books while you’re at it. Highly recommended.”

—Kobold Quarterly